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The Tastiest Vegan Fish Sandwich

Fried eggplant is one of the best vegan fish dupes ever. Once it's seasoned, battered and fried it has an incredibly authentic fish like texture and flavor. Every time I make it and share it with my non vegan family and friends they are shocked at how delicious and fish like it is. For this fish sandwich I used my Vegan Fish & Chips recipe and made it into a sandwich!

Creating Authentic Flavor

Growing up anytime we had fried fish it was always fried in cornmeal and always seasoned with Old Bay Seasoning. So using them both is nostalgically essential. Kelp flakes on the other hand is something I discovered after going vegan. Technically it's seafood because it's a plant from the ocean. It has all the flavor of the sea. It's great for adding an authentic fishy flavor to foods. I use it all the time whenever I want to make a seafood style recipe..


Some of what you will need for this recipe:


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