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l'll never forget my first time doing a parasite cleanse because it completely changed my life. First of all I didn't think I had any real parasitic infection symptoms. I was simply looking for alignment between my mind, body and spirit. I wanted to feel clean and healthy from the inside out and I knew that for me to do it I would have to cleanse my body.  I had been researching parasites for a few years and I was scared out of my mind. The thought of critters living in my body freaked me the f#%k out and the thought of them exiting my body literally made me want to die (I’m a bit of a drama queen lol). I was constantly convincing myself that I was ready to do it but I would always find an excuse to back out of doing it but this time was different. I started practicing meditation, yoga and I was eating as clean as possible…. I was finally ready to begin my “purge.” I had been studying herbalism for a while and I knew that I wanted to cleanse naturally using herbs. More specifically by making herbal infusions because they are so effective. 


The following week I walked into my local herb shop and put together all the herbs that I wanted to use. I got home that night and prepared my herbs the same exact way that I do now by placing them into a quart size mason jar and added boiling water and steeped them overnight. I went to bed so anxious to get started. I woke up the next morning and ran into the kitchen to strain my herbs, making sure that I pressed all the liquid out of them and poured the dark tea back into the mason jar and prepared for my first sip. I remember thinking “I drink bitter herbs often. I got this. How bad can it be?” So, I slowly placed my mouth onto the jar and took a quick gulp, but a soon as the taste hit my tongue I felt like it was impossible to swallow. I sat there in my kitchen with a mouth full of dark bitter tea that I thought tasted like poison with my eyes bulging out of my face for at least 30 seconds contemplating what I should do next. “Should I spit it out…. Nah, man up and swallow it.” I slowly swallowed and quickly cut open a lemon and licked the flesh uncontrollably for about a minute. Then I asked myself “How the hell am I going to get through this?”   I went back to my tea and drank a full cup and prayed for the best. I went through the rest of my day drinking an additional cup 30 minutes before each meal. I remember thinking this isn’t too bad. I didn’t feel anything. No cramps, No movement. Nothing at all...until the next morning. I was out running some errands and then suddenly I felt “the urge” lol. I remember standing in the checkout line at Target praying that the lady in front of me would stop all of her small talk with the cashier so I could check out and get home asap. I drove home as fast as I could so that I could use the bathroom. I remember saying repeatedly that I was not going to look down but as soon as I had the opportunity I looked, and I was shocked. I swear you could have heard me scream in California all the way from Atlanta. I was partially mortified, disgusted and relieved all at the same time. I saw things that I have never seen before and some of those things I have never seen again. Lol. Things that looked like worms, things that just looked foreign, Things that looked like tomato skins (flukes) and things that I resembled rice and large seeds and whole chickpeas(which I later found out were parasite eggs. All of these things are very common in humans). 


As soon as I was able to regroup I immediately called my mother and sisters to tell them about my experience and convince them to try it out. Over the next few days I continued to go to the bathroom 3 -4 times per day. I but day 5 was a bit different. I went to the restroom at least 5 times that day and the things that I saw were unbelievable. I remember sitting on the toilet wanting to cry because I could not understand how the hell these critters got in there. The following day I woke up feeling so light and refreshed. I noticed that my hair was soooooo soft and manageable. My eyebrows looked fuller and softer and my skin was glowing. My stomach was super flat and I looked healthier than ever. I was even more motivated than before. I was eating lots of leafy greens, avocado, salads, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, nuts and veggies.  Then the cravings came.  All of a sudden, all I could think about was pasta, chocolate and Lay’s Potato Chips (basically all the foods parasites need you to eat to help them survive). I did give in and ate half an Alter Eco Dark Chocolate bar and a mango but other than that I stuck to the regimen and got through my first cleanse and I never looked back. 


I couldn’t get over how great I began to look and feel. I had more energy, my mood stabilized, I had better focus, I was glowing, my iron levels were finally normal, my waist was smaller, my cycle was shorter that before and I loved the results. Since then I now cleanse twice a year and I make sure to incorporate bitter herbs into my regimen because they do such a great job stimulating healthy digestion, eliminating parasites, mucus and yeast. To think that so many of us suffer with common and not so common ailments like, anemia, eczema, insomnia, dry skin, acne, bloating, the inability to gain or lose weight, bad breath, candida, sleep disorders, inflammation, digestive disorders, constipationand so much more when we don’t have to. We can address the issues safely and naturally which is why I do what I do. Today I've helped thousands of people incorporate parasite cleansing into their health and wellness regimen and I couldn't be happier.

Let's Be Vegan Parasite Cleanse

My First Parasite 

Cleanse Experience

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