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Handcrafted herbal medicine is an extremely personal experience. Many times loose leaf herbal products are pre-made in advance and allowed to sit until purchase which can greatly decrease the potency. At Let's Be Vegan you can purchase with confidence knowing that your product is being made by hand to order with only the highest quality organic/wildcrafted herbs possible. This increases product effectiveness and potency.  Please note that shipping times can vary depending on the product, season and order volume. Be sure to check the Shipping Policy located on every product page prior to placing an order.

About herbal infusions


An herbal infusion is a preparation method that requires you to steep a large amount of herb (usually around an ounce of herb in a quart sized mason jar for a minimum of four hours. Using such a high volume of herbs provides the body with an abundance of vitamins, minerals and nutrients and is a favorite preparation amongst herbalist everywhere. I treat infusions the way most people treat supplements and drink them as a way to supply my body with high doses of vitamins and minerals. Drinking at least one cup of infusion a day is a great way to keep the your body healthy and strong. 


How to make an herbal infusion

To make an herbal infusion, you need to add about an ounce of dried herbs to a quart size mason jar.  You then fill the jar with  boiling all the way to the to the top, cover tightly with a lid. Let the herbs steep 4-8 hours and then strain and drink. You can store infusions in a mason jar in the fridge for up to 36 hours. I usually drink around 4 cups of herbal infusions a day. They have done a great job at keeping my body nourished and healthy over the years. 

Supplies you'll need

You don't need much to start making your own herbal infusions. Whether you purchase your herbal blends here or elsewhere there are a few supplies that make it easy.

1. Distilled Water. When using herbs for medicine it's always best to start with water that is clean and has no impurities so keeping gallons of distilled water on hand is essential. You can find it with the rest of the bottled water in grocery stores or you can have it delivered from

2.. A Kettle to safely boil and dispense water. I used to use an stovetop kettle but now I use an electric kettle. It boils water in just minutes with a push of a button. I use the one below.

3. Quart Size Mason Jars are essential for steeping and storing your herbs.

4. A Fine Mesh Strainer to strain you herbs. Especially since making herbal infusions require such a large amount of dried herbs. In most instances you will use around a cup of herbs. 


Parasite cleansing is pretty intense. Make sure you checkout my detailed breakdown.

Cleansing Cookbook

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Consult with a your doctor before you begin taking any herbal supplements.

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