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Potato Salad With Dill & Capers

Potato salad is one of those traditional foods that can make or break a family gathering. This potato salad is a great break from the norm. It's bright fresh and bursting with flavors that your family will love.

Vegan potato salad recipes

As a child I remember the adults debating over who would be making the potato salad at each family gathering. Everyone would fuss over the amount of mayo, egg or mustard to add. and who made it "right" or "wrong". At the end of the day I remember it always tasted THE SAME no matter who made it. Now when I make it I try to make it as different as possible from my. childhood memory by adding things like dill and capers to it. And guess what? My version is a my family's favorite and with the Easter holiday approaching I knew it was the perfect time to share this recipe.


I've been obsessed with steaming potatoes for the last few months after doing one of Anthony Williams aka The Medical Medium's cleanses. It called for steamed potatoes in a few recipes and now I'm obsessed.. Steaming potatoes helps them retain their nutrients and enhances they're flavor. Plus it only takes about 15 to 20 minutes. I got this cool extendable steam rack for about $9. You just add it to a pot and add in a little water, cover the pot with a lid and steam. The potatoes always come out perfectly tender and delicious.

How to steam potatoes

Once the potatoes are done let them cool and slice them in half. If your potatoes are on the larger size you can quarter them..

Steamed potaotes

Now just add the remaining ingredients to a large bowl and gently mix until everything is combined.

Easter potato salad recipe

This is the end result!!

Vegan potato salad


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