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Shantelle Gary

It honestly feels like I've been working my way to a vegan plant based lifestyle since I was a child. I've learned so much along the way and I feel obliged to share what I have learned. To quote the late great Maya Angelou "When you learn, teach.... When you get, give."

As long as I can remember, I have had a very special relationship with animals and nature. I've always known that everything in the universe is connected and that we are one with everything. More importantly, I've always had a curiosity about where my food came from. I can still remember the internal shock I went through when I was told that we were having "ribs" or chicken "legs" for dinner. I would think to myself "Why the f$#! is someone’s rib on my plate?" or "How the hell did this chicken's leg become my dinner?" What I did know however was that these animals were not voluntarily offering their limbs for my dinner. I felt absolutely powerless because no one around me seemed to understand my curiosity. It just wasn't an important topic. But still I wanted to know more about where my food came from, so I began to do my research and needless to say I was absolutely appalled. I realized that the meat industry was full of cruel and massive factory farms that treat animals horrifically. I was absolutely disgusted and humiliated at the lack of ethics theses animal were treated with. I could not believe that humans were capable of such heinous and disturbing behavior. I also learned that the meat and dairy industry care nothing about our health, the health of the animals that ultimately become food or even the health of the environment. So I decided that I was done eating meat however my transition was not over night. I started out pescatarian (fish eater) then vegetarian and ultimately plant-based vegan.

I went through those stages because I had no idea what to eat. I always assumed that vegan food was boring. I didn’t have any vegan friends and I had no idea about the endless delicious options that were out there. I always loved to cook but it wasn't until I accidentally became a restaurant owner/operator that I started to become really passionate about cooking. Since then I haven't stopped. I'm constantly trying to show people that vegan plant based foods are NOT boring. They're delicious, beautiful, abundant and healthy. More importantly It is what our bodies are designed to eat. It's so awesome to know that you can eat well, save animals and get healthy at the same time.

Since becoming vegan my life has changed in so many ways. My conscious is clearer because I know that I am doing my best to live as cruelty free as possible. I feel cleaner and more aligned with my spiritual self knowing that I am not inflicting pain and suffering on to the other animals on earth. I have more respect for my body, I understand that my body is a temple and not a tomb for other animals and creatures. I have more energy than ever. I almost never get sick, even when everyone around me gets does. The anemia that plagued me my whole life is cured with out the use of any supplements. The eczema that I always thought I would battle forever is gone. The 10 extra pounds of weight that used to fluctuate and get on my damn nerves has completely fallen off. I never breakout. My hair grows faster and thicker than ever without the use of any vitamins but the best thing is raising my 6-year-old son this way. He completely understands the purpose of this lifestyle and he embraces it whole heartedly.

I would strongly encourage anyone of the fence to give veganism and plant based eating a chance. Take it one day at a time. Really think about where your food comes from and consider what consequences come with your diet. Does it make you healthy? How does it affect the environment? Does it cause any suffering? If you are unhappy with your answers the solution is very simple. Be vegan and eat more plants!



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