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WTF I'm the mom of a teenage boy!

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

I don't even know where to start. I had a sudden jolt of anxiety the in the middle of the night recently. It really hit me that my cute little dependent baby boy is not so little or dependent anymore. He's freaking thirteen years old. First of all, it means that I'm old as shit. Second of all, it means he's pretty damn close to being a grown ass man, or at least closer than I'm comfortable with. Honestly, it scares the shit out of me. There are days that I 'm full of black parental anxiety. The constant need to have conversations with him about race relations can feel like I'm beating him down with scenarios that may or may not occur. Seriously though, he is a black boy/young man and I'm always reiterating the fact that he is black and that he needs to always be aware of his surroundings and be able to think quickly on his feet especially when it comes to police and hanging out with his friends. It's sometimes overwhelming for the both of us, but the one thing I am not willing to do is send him out into world unprepared so we constantly talk about everything as openly and often as possible including sex, how to have healthy and functional relationships with women, what's appropriate and not appropriate, weed, drugs, friendships, quantum physics, the law of attraction, business ideas, meditation and any and everything that comes to mind.

Being a parent is full of constant teaching but what I'm learning is that parenting is really about growing together. He teaches me just as much as I teach him. He is so incredibly wise beyond his years and patient with me, I mean really really patient. He's also the second funniest person I know next to myself. For instance, if we are both in a room and something inappropriately funny happens we can just glance at each other and share a mental laugh.

The good thing is that he really has a great head on his shoulders and he surrounds himself with amazing friends that have become like family. He's a city mediator, he plays basketball and is my partner with just about everything that you see on He takes some of the food photos and even helps with the design of the website and my cookbooks. He's my everything and I hope that it stays this way forever!



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