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Izzy's in high school.... Damn I'm getting old!

Here's a post just to make most of us feel old. I know many of you have been on the Let's Be Vegan journey with me since Izzy was missing his front teeth lol, Now he's in HIGH SCHOOL! Like WTF is going on? How did this happen? He actually taller than me now. He has a social life and everything. Just yesterday two girls were waiting for him downstairs and I instantly got upset and wanted to go downstairs and be mean to them for no reason. I had to check myself. I was like "Shantelle, Why the hell are you so mad? They aren't even bothering anybody." I think I was just angry at the fact that my baby is not a baby anymore. I was stressed out. I am stressed out. I need a support group. Lol

This is a picture I snapped at his Middle School graduation.

Here he is on his first day of high school. My nephew Taj is a senior at the same school. He was nice and took him to school on his first day. They are literally the coolest people I've ever met besides my sisters and I Lol.

I love them so much!

On our way to my sisters house to meet up with my nephew before school. We were both so nervous. Luckily, everything is going well thus far....


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