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The Flakiest Vegan Fish Sticks Ever!

These vegan fish sticks are incredibly authentic and completely plant based. Battered, fried, flaky and delicious.

I absolutely love making vegan seafood recipes. They are surprisingly easy to make and come out so authentic when you use the right ingredients. This vegan fish stick recipe is no exception. For this recipe I decided to use hearts of palm. What I love about hearts of palm is that they are shockingly very flaky and because they are come jarred or canned in water or brine they have a mild seafood like flavor to begin with. They also are the perfect size and incredibly inexpensive. They usually cost under $4 a jar/can making this recipe extremely budget friendly. I usually like to batter seafood style dishes in cornmeal or panko bread crumbs but this time I wanted to do a beer battered style coating....except I don't drink beer but I always have sparkling mineral water so I used that instead and it was perfect.

You can find hearts of palm in every grocery store. They are usually in the same area as artichokes, olives and peppers. They are often times canned or in glass jars!

Reese Hearts of Palm

I just take them out of the jar, rinse and slice them in half lengthwise. Once I slice them I like to gently press them down to loosen them up to help create the flaky texture

I always sprinkle them with a little kelp and old bay seasoning to really create an authentic "fishy" flavor.

Then I prepare the batter by adding the seasonings into the flour.

Once the seasoning has been added to the batter I poured in 1-1/2 cups of sparkling mineral water!

Once you add in the sparkling mineral water just whisk it together and add in the hearts of palm. Make sure they are fully coated and immediately add them to the hot oil. Fry them for about 4 minutes on each side.

Here's the final product.