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Raw Vegan Curry Walnut Meat Stuffed Avocados

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Bright, flavorful and filling. These curry walnut meat stuffed avocados hit all the spots!

If you follow me on social media I'm sure you have heard me talk about my 7-Day Raw Vegan Challenge. I have a wonderful 7-Day Raw Vegan Challenge Group here on that you can checkout. You can even download the app for FREE to access the group on your mobile phone. Well today is day 2 of the challenge and I'm feeling great. I also released an Ebook with over 25 raw vegan recipes called EASY RAW VEGAN 7-DAY CHALLENGE. It includes a FREE 7-DAY MEAL PLAN & SHOPPING LIST! This recipe is an adaptation of my Curried Walnut Meat Lettuce Wraps from the book. I made it today for lunch and it was EVERYTHING!

Why raw vegan?

To be honest when the weather is hot I tend to naturally gravitate to a raw vegan diet. I like to eat lots of salads, smoothies etc. However, the main reason I wanted to go raw vegan for 7 days is because I need to lose some of these annoying pandemic pounds and since raw vegan foods tend to be super healthy and lower in calories I figure it was the way to go.

What's Walnut Meat?

For years the raw vegan community has used walnut based meats to substitute ground meat in everything from tacos, wraps, salads and just about anything else you can image. Although it is made completely raw vegan you can absolutely warm it up in a skillet too. It is basically an equal amount of raw walnuts and mushrooms or cauliflower processed in a food processor until it resembles ground meat. It's a great source of protein as well as thiamin and folate. The seasoning variations are endless. You can season it with onion, chili powder, garlic, sun dried tomatoes and just about everything else you can image. Now on to the recipe!

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Carol Lawrence
Carol Lawrence
21 oct. 2023