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Wholesome Quinoa Veggie Bowl

Today is Day 4 of my Parasite Cleanse so that means I am focused on eating foods that are super healthy and clean. Eating clean helps my digestive system function during cleansing and it also helps promote healthy weight-loss, which for me is super important since I gain a lot of weight during the pandemic. My parasite cleanse consists of drinking an herbal tea/infusion 3-4 times per day (The tea tastes horrible). It also requires me to eat a pretty strict diet, free from gluten, high sugar fruit, bread, starches among other things. Today I wanted to make something that would really satisfy my hunger so I opted to make a bowl. I used tri-colored quinoa as the base. Then I cooked a combo of veggies and garlicky green beans and topped it with my favorite Black Garlic seasoning from Trader Joe's (make sure you checkout my Trader Joe's video hauls).



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