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Easy Mushroom & Scallion Fried Rice

Fragrant and flavorful green onions, hearty baby portobello mushrooms and rice! You can serve this as an quick and easy one pot meal for 2 or as a side dish alongside your favorite entree.

The other day I found myself super busy and literally had only 15 minutes to come up with something to eat. I opened the fridge and so a carton of baby portobello mushrooms and a bunch of scallions that were on their last leg of life....Then I opened my freezer and saw that I had a box of frozen pre-cooked brown rice from Trader Joe's. I was like "Oooooh it's about to go down!" And down it went, and it was delicious. So, let's just say I'm adding this dish to the weekly rotation for a while and I'm sure if you try it you will too.

What I loved about this recipe

  • Only 5 ingredients - The fact that there are only 4 ingredients in this dish makes me so happy. Mushrooms, rice, scallions, extra virgin olive oil and soy sauce. That's it.

  • Easy to meal prep - You can find mushrooms pre-sliced and you can get the rice pre-cooked which makes this a meal you can whip up in no time.

  • Scallions make everything taste better - Scallions are incredibly flavorful and aromatic and add so much distinct flavor to the rice. Plus, most recipes call for 1 maybe 2 scallions/green onions in a recipe which leaves you with most of the bunch in your fridge. It's nice to have a recipe that uses the entire bunch. They really make the dish taste amazing!


Here is the rice that I used. I got it from the frozen food section from Trader Joe's. They come pre-measured in plastic bags. There are 3 bags in each box. I just take them out of the plastic bags and add it into the pan. If you can't find this rice you can cook 1-1/2 cups of rice.. Once it's done rinse it under cool water and strain it well before using it.