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Marinated Mushroom Tacos with Mashed Avocado.

Juicy and flavorful marinated mushrooms in a warm tortilla with mashed avocados and a fresh pineapple salsa!

If you know me then you know that tacos are my absolute favorite food. I'm always playing around with different food variations to add to them. Portobello mushrooms are available everywhere so they were my first choice for this recipe. I just chopped them and added them to a flavorful marinade. Then I cooked them and added them to flour tortillas with mashed avocado and topped them with pineapple salsa. They were so good and will definitely be in my taco Tuesday rotation!



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I'm so glad you found my website. Here you'll find super easy, affordable plant based vegan recipes that I love to make everyday for my family and friends. 

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