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Shantelle Gary

Hey I'm Shantelle!

Welcome to my site. Food is my passion and I love sharing my easy, delicious plant based recipes. Read more about me

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Hey, I'm Shantelle!

I created Let's Be Vegan to  share my passion for good food, cooking, herbalism and community. There's a misconception that  eating a vegan diet means giving up food that you love and replacing it with food that is boring and bland. I want to change that and share how abundant, full of flavor and easy it is.  So look around, join the party, subscribe, save recipes and most of all...Cook!

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Trader Joe's Jackfruit Cakes

My list of must try vegan products from Trader Joe's.

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See what he's been up to since the pandemic.

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Violife Colby Jack Vegan Cheese

Checkout my favorite dairy alternative products.

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