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The best thing about the cold weather is enjoying foods that make you feel warm and cozy inside. Take a look at some of Let's Be Vegan's favorite soup recipes.

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Recipe of the week
Stuffed Bell Peppers

These super cheesy vegan stuffed bell peppers are perfect any day of the week.

Shantelle Gary
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 I'm Shantelle, the creator of everything here on I'm from the Southside of Atlanta, so I'm the epitome of classy, bougie, and ratchet. I'm obsessed with Joanna Gaines, Martha Stewart, aaaaand Project Pat. I also think The Migos can do NO WRONG!  Aside from my obvious obsession with making vegan food,  I'm a mom to a dope ass 13- year old boy named Izzy and dog mom to my new crazy puppy named Rico! I spend an obscene amount of time in the grocery store and constantly work on new recipes, products and content to share with the world. So look around, join a group and get in the kitchen.

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