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Navy Bean & Leek Patties

Using beans to make patties is a great way to add protein to your meals. These patties are full of flavorful leeks, onion and peppery arugula and super easy to make.

Recently, I. got a new nonstick skillet from Fissler and I've become completely obsessed with it because it's nonstick and scratch resistant. So I can use metal utensils with it and not worry about ruining it. It's super heavy duty and does a great job at evenly distributing heat so it makes sure your food gets nice and evenly crispy. I really enjoyed making these Navy Bean & Leek Patties in it because I didn't have to worry about them sticking at all and if you've ever made bean patties you know it can be a real pain in the ass trying to keep them from sticking.

Here are a few tips for making bean patties

  • Size matters - As tempting as it is to make big patties, making them nice and small reduces the chances that they will fall apart so try to keep them small.

  • Use an ice cream scoop - A standard ice cream scoop is the perfect size and it will also make sure your patties are all the same size.

  • Don't over crowd your pan - Make sure every patties has room. Over crowding the pan will prevent them from getting crispy. Try to give each one about 1-2 inches of space.

  • Let them cool - Things fall apart when they're super hot. You will want to make sure you let them cool down for at least 10 minutes after removing them from the skillet. This will give them time to firm up.

  • Use a metal spatula - They are sturdy and are the best option for flipping them over


Cook the leeks , onions, garlic and fresh thyme for just a few minutes to get them a little tender.

I love using arugula in this recipe it adds a nice peppery flavor to it.

You only need to pulse the mixture for a few seconds. You don't want to over process it and make it too mushy.

All done!


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