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Vegan Double Chocolate Banana Muffins!

Bananas are incredibly versatile and make vegan baking super simple and easy. They add sweetness and make a great replacement for eggs.


These Chocolate Banana Chocolate Chip muffins have been in heavy rotation lately. My son Izzy loves bananas and there is always a few that get left behind and get super ripe, making them perfect for baking so I make these muffins all whenever that happens. Izzy is super excited when I make these, especially since he's been at home remote learning. He likes to have things around that he can come and grab to eat while doing school work. He said these have the perfect blend of banana when you take your first bite before the chocolatey-ness comes out.

My son helps me shoot now and he's pretty good. Look at his beautiful shot!!

Not coming your hair is another benefit of home schooling!


Supplies you need for this recipe:


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