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Didgori: Land Of Sacrificed Knights (2009): High Quality Download High Quality


Didgori: Land of Sacrificed Knights (2009): download high quality

Ghazir is famous for the achievements of the Georgian people, especially the Georgian kings and queens, as well as the notable historical and cultural heritage of the lands. Located in southeastern Turkey, Ghazir is one of the seven kingdoms of classical antiquity, the other six being: Armenia, Colchis, Media Atropatene, Pontus, Pontus Euxinus and Lydia. Although the area of this kingdom in ancient times is not exactly known, the well-known poet Johannes Asellius (1509–1583) in his "Poema de la Ilustre y Noble Casa de los Reyes The kingdom of Ghazir was likely a part of the Armenian kingdom, a kingdom which later gained prominence in the history of the Caucasus. Ghazir remained an important Armenian kingdom until the early 13th century when it was conquered by the Seljuq Turks. The Armenians and Georgians were known as the "brothers of the crosses", the latter referring to the Christian symbols of the two states. In 1455, the victorious and ambitious king of the Ottoman Empire Mehmed II (1444–1481) decided to take revenge on the medieval Christian kingdoms of the Caucasus. The Georgian kings were already captured and held prisoner at the Ottoman court in Adrianople Ghazir was of value to the Armenian kingdom for two main reasons. The first was the strategic location. It was known as the northern gateway to the south of the kingdom of Armenia and thus controlled the trade routes between the Black Sea and the rest of the country. The second reason was the close cooperation between the Georgians and the Armenians. King Alexander II of Georgia (1226–1270) was married to the sister of king Leo II of Armenia (1206–1235). The three kingdoms were part of a much wider region in the south Caucasus and included Mount Ararat, Erzerum, Lake Van, Kars, and the towns of Ani, Derbent and Akhalkalaki. The Georgian towns, initially protected by the walls of Ghazir, were eventually destroyed in the latter part of the 16th century by the Azerbaijani Safavid shah Ismail I (1501–1524). The kingdom of Ghazir was the most prominent among the kingdoms of the Caucasus in the 4th and 5th centuries, when it was ruled by the kings of Georgia. The most notable of these was David IV (1222

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