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ive no problem using this one. MysticKnight: what about that one? ltidman, gnome-shell works fine on gnome-3.0, you'll just miss out on some of the stuff unity and others give you Gnome is so much better, unity is so much worse sukima, use your reason, and in here it's not your choice, and gnome3 is not for everyone I'm running ubuntu 11.10 - any suggestions for what service to monitor in order to prevent my laptop from turning off? sukima, and that's why it's not default, not everybody wants to get a shell with less capabilities dc5ala, gnome-shell works fine on Gnome-3.0? So then what's the problem with using gnome-shell on natty, I have to wait for new release for this? ltidman, nope, if it's not broken, you can use it b0ot: it's in the power settings. for some reason chrome can't play a video streaming video, I try it and get an error "Connection is over 2 hours long". I tried asking this question in #chrome but no one is in that channel. anyone know the command to type to start mysqld? dc5ala, so if I keep using gnome-shell in natty I will have to install a later version? hey guys, is there anyway i can do this "echo -n $BASH_VERSION" and get output like this "(none)" ltidman, no, you install a gnome3 PPA, and it will pull in the latest ltidman, yes lcabreza: sudo service mysql start ltidman, that's what the PPA is for evilbug: I don't want to turn off my laptop, I'm trying to figure out why I get an I/O error when I try to install ubuntu




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